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To get an email account on an emule server, you need to obtain the email id from your local administrator and use a device connected to the WIFI of the Village Access Point (VAP), i.e. RACHEL PLUS/Laptop Computer.

Your Administrator should provide you with a username and password and, if necessary, an IP address and details of the WIFI ssid.

Your email id is e.g., where VVV is village id and CC is country code.

  Connecting to a VAP

A user can connect to the VAP with any device that can offer a web browser or an IMAP client.

For example: RACHEL PLUS as VAP.
  • Connect to the WIFI access point of the RACHEL ssid:RACHEL.
  • The user will automatically see a welcome web page (at
  • Should the web page not appear. The user should open a browser and type in the address bar.
  • The user then clicks the WEBMAIL link (tab) to give access to the webmail pages.
  • The user enters the email and password provided by the local administrator (initial password is 'password').
  • The user may change the default password, through settings/password.

 Connecting via IMAP

If you would prefer to use your own email client, you may connect via the IMAP protocol. IMAP is a standard protocol built in to most email software.

The server details are : port 143.

SMTP is also available on : port 25