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eMule: Android App User Guide












April 2017


The eMule Android App is part of the eMule Remote eMail System. It’s purpose is to transfer data from a remote location to and from the Internet. It makes use of gamification techniques  and awards bounties to incentivise users for successful deliveries.


The app is available to download to Android Devices from the following link:

As of April 1st 2017 the App is in closed alpha, and is not listed on the play store.

During the alpha stage the app is currently targeted for Android 5.0 Lollipop  and above but future builds could be targeted for Kitkat 4.4, which would increase market share to more than 80%. (


As with all Android apps, the app aims to be intuitive. The first screen seen upon opening is the status screen shown below.


Each section of the screen from top to bottom:

  • Earnings: Total Bounties from successful transfers
  • Internet: Online/Offline - ability to contact Internet Access Point. (IAP)
  • Connected to: If a remote VAP (Village Access Point) is available it is displayed here.
  • Files carried: Current carried files both for VAPs and the Internet
  • The two buttons SYNC IAP and SYNC VAP become active whenever the IAP or a VAP is available (up to 20 seconds to be recognized). In common usage only an IAP or a VAP will be available.

The app is navigated through the drawer menu. The profile screen shows the users statistics. You need to sign in your Google account.


In order to help a user find access points, there is a list of access points ordered by distance and a map screen.

Users may view successful deliveries in the History and change the default IP of the access point.


Transfer Data from Internet to VAP and back to the IAP

  1. Download the eMule app from the play store.
  2. Open App
  3. Select “Sync IAP”.
  4. Required to register a Google account.
  5. A screen appears offering bundles available for remote access points.
  6. Select the access points you will be traveling to. Note that the selected bundles will be removed from IAP, and eMule has to deliver them to the destination VAP. Currently multiple eMule carriers are not implemented. eMule can take multiple bundles and deliver multiple destinations, corresponding bundles will be delivered to the VAP automatically.  
  7. The bundles are downloaded to the  Android device. In the background the access point list is updated.
  8. The user then travels to the VAP. He may use the GPS functionality of the App on the Access Point Screens or Google Maps offline (separately downloaded when online) to locate the VAP.
  9. Upon arriving at the VAP, the user connects via WIFI.
  10. The app expects the WIFI access point to use the IP address If it is non standard the IP address that the app queries can be changed in settings.
  11. Upon connection to the VAP IP address. The “Sync with VAP” button becomes active. The user clicks this button and data is transferred to the VAP. The VAP immediately delivers mail to local accounts. If there is a bundle available for the Internet this is downloaded to the phone.
  12. The user may then return to connect to the Internet to Sync with the IAP.


On each successful transfer a bounty will be awarded and stats updated.